Saturday, March 29, 2014

I was rear ended at Pima Street and Swan Road

Anthony and I were in the car in search of dinner tonight at about 6:15 p.m. when a girl in an aqua colored Honda rear ended us at Pima Street and Swan Road while we were stopped at the traffic light.

This is the second accident I've had in this particular car.  The first one was in the spring of 2008.  I was rear ended as well at Prince Road and 1st Ave while sitting at a stoplight.  That accident caused over $9,000 in damage to the car and I got a bump on the head.

Today's accident was miraculous.  A very loud bang, it shook the car, we pulled into a nearby parking lot.  It was miraculous because there was not a scratch on my bumper.  I couldn't find any kind of damage at all.  This is the same area of the car that was completely replaced in that 2008 accident.  It was also miraculous because I have no physical affects from the accident.  Anthony says that he has a sore neck.  At this point we haven't had it looked at, he wanted to wait and see if it got any worse.  I'm not discounting Anthony's discomfort, but I consider any accident miraculous if that is the most awful thing that happened.

The girl who hit us is apparently from Wisconsin and looked college age.  She had valid insurance and valid driver's license so if there is a claim to be filed it'll be fine.  And, she gave me a sob story about being distracted because she recently lost her father.  I was enlightened by this because I wasn't aware that losing a loved one caused a person to become a bad driver who doesn't stop at a stoplight.  If this happens the safest course of action is to take a bus or taxi until the grief subsides.  I learned something new today.