Sunday, March 30, 2014

Anthony's thumb has turned green

I wrote a few days ago about the orange flowers that Jennifer from Ridgepointe Apartments was kind enough to give us.

Anthony decided to take the initiative to go shopping today (with some help from his mom) and purchase a pot, soil, a little shovel, a stand, and a little collection of flower growing boxes.  Even though he despises getting dirty, he put on some gloves and got his gloved hands dirty to repot the orange flowers and plant seeds in the little boxes.

They're now out on the porch to get some sun.  And, it turns out, he's got a little bit of Martha Stewart in him.

The orange flowers in the original little plastic pot

Anthony replanted the flowers into this much larger pot

The process of planting seeds in the little flower boxes

They came with soil and a packet of seeds for each of the three little boxes

Adding water to the soil to get it ready to plant

Adding soil to the box

It's fun playing in the dirt!

Boxes have dirt and seeds planted and all ready

The orange flowers and the flower boxes on their new stand outside.
Now grow!