Friday, February 28, 2014

Papa Murphy's Pan Pizza

Anthony and I tried the new Papa Murphy's Pan Pizza tonight for dinner.

We both like their pizza.  It's reasonably priced, delicious, and you bake it yourself so it's hot and ready when you want to eat.

The pan pizza is the first thing I would recommend you do not order... unless you're a fan of oil.  They do something pretty odd with it:  They coat the cooking tray with oil.  LOTS of oil.  I am going to make the assumption that it keeps the crust from drying out when it cooks but it turns the pizza so oily that it's barely edible.  You could wring liquid out of it after taking it out of the oven.  If you add in any meat toppings (we got pepperoni and sausage), you'll have enough oil inside of you after eating it that you may be in danger of trying to avoid Exxon oil exploration crews wanting to drill into you.

Every other kind of pizza Papa Murphy's offers:  Good.  Pan pizza:  Not so much.