Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunset over Brake Masters, police at Walmart Market, and Sweet Midgets

Anthony and I had a nice Sunday afternoon of eating and shopping for groceries.  That's what we usually do, but we try to mix it up a bit each week.

We ate dinner at a nearly empty eegee's restaurant at Tanque Verde and Camino Principal.  I had their 'Slam Dunk', which is a sliced beef sandwich with Au Jus.  The guy who took our order (his name was Christopher according to his name tag) was friendly and did a nice job.  He didn't have enough one dollar bills in his drawer to make change for the $20 I gave him so he had to ask his manager to get him more change.  That guy (the manager) was an asshole.  I don't know who gave him that job in the restaurant but whoever decided he should have that title / responsibility should be fired.  I felt sad for Christopher, he was berated by the manager guy for no reason.  Then, they forgot the au jus and when I went back to ask for it and another employee had to request it for me, I heard the manager say "what the fuck do they want that for?"  I will still eat there because one bad person doesn't ruin a restaurant's reputation.  They just need to replace that manager.

We went next door to DQ for sundaes after our sandwiches.  Then, over to Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft for grocery shopping.  One exciting thing that happened was the Tucson Police Department vehicle parked out front when we walked in.  I was hoping to see someone in handcuffs, or doing something naughty, or having to be shot, but I never did get to see why the police visited the store.

A nearly empty eegee's at Tanque Verde and Camino Principal on a Sunday afternoon

Anthony making sure his right cheek was still there

The 'Slam dunk' sandwich and fries that I ordered

Anthony enjoys a fork full of French fry covered in Ranch

Dairy Queen / DQ at Tanque Verde and Camino Principal

Anthony's Peanut Butter Bash on the left.
I ordered a cute little hot fudge sundae.

I call this piece of Ken Carr Photo Art:
"A man and his sundae"

I call this piece of Ken Carr Photo Art:
"Sunset over Brake Masters"

A Tucson Police Department cruiser in front of
the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft.
I was disappointed I didn't get to see a Cops-like moment
where they had to wrestle a perp in a wife beater to the ground.

I thought Vlasic just made pickles.
It turns out they put Sweet Midgets into jars, too.

Sneaky Photo of Anthony.... fail.
He caught me right when I was taking the picture.
I'm getting too slow in my old age.