Sunday, February 23, 2014

The first time I saw mechanically separated turkey

Anthony and I did our usual Sunday evening routine today:  Dinner and grocery shopping.

Tonight's dinner was at Culver's at Broadway and Prudence.  He had chicken tenders and cheese curds and I had a chicken sandwich.  It was one of the rare Sunday nights we've gone there where the restaurant wasn't full and it was also a rare occasion that Anthony didn't get ice cream.  I had to check when we left to see if it was a full moon.

We went to Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco for the grocery shopping part of our excursion.  It's a good location to go to on Sunday night because it's not crowded, but they have less of a product selection than the store we go to most often on 22nd Street.  I also spotted two products I had never seen before in the frozen foods section:  Mechanically Separated Turkey (it actually said it on the tube) and pork chitterlings.  I had never heard of pork chitterlings until today.  I had to look up what they were on Google and it turned out they're the small intestines of a pig, and apparently popular in the southern states of the U.S.  Since we don't live in the south, I wonder if they will sell very well at that store.  I know I wouldn't be buying any.

Culver's after dark at Broadway and Prudence

Anthony kindly removes the pickle from the top of my chicKEN sandwich.
I don't care for pickles.

Anthony looks mysterious and slightly sinister behind the cheap paper napkin

One of the paper menus at Culver's...
which apparently may stain surfaces if it's wet.
Sounds like a date I've had.

Buzz Ballz at Walmart Neighborhood Market
They have alcohol and are in cute little ball shapes.
Not the kind of thing I'd picture an ax wielding hairy biker drinking,
but who am I to judge?

Sneaky photo of Anthony in the snack cake aisle

Festive brand taco seasoned mechanically separated turkey
The turkey at least has some help from soy protein to make this delicious.

Five pound bags of Queenella pork chitterlings (which are pig intestines).
All natural, no additives!
That's what we all should demand from our frozen pig intestines.

Dole Dippers -- strawberry halves covered in dark chocolate.
A perfect dessert after a five pound bag of pig intestines and a pound of
mechanically separated taco seasoned turkey.

Peeps!  It must be getting close to Easter.
This year, you can choose between the regular Peeps and exciting
flavors like Party Cake, Sour Watermelon, Sweet Lemonade and Bubble Gum.
Anthony spotted these and wanted to hump the display.

Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean -- with my cartoon like picture on the box.
(Except for the blue eyes, grey eyebrows, and muscular arms... details, details)