Sunday, February 2, 2014

The benefits of not watching the Superbowl

If you've ever wished you could go out and eat and shop on a day when crowds are light, you should choose Superbowl Sunday.

I went to Home Depot during the Superbowl years ago and it was deserted.  It was at that moment I realized not watching the game and doing something else while it's on had a benefit.

Anthony doesn't care for football.  He isn't even sure about the rules of the game.  He has mentioned that he feels the player's fit nicely into their football pants.  It's not enough to compel him to sit through a game though.

He was watching Roseanne episodes he had recorded on the TiVo this afternoon.  I was taking a nap.  We headed out just after the game started to eat dinner and shop for groceries at Walmart Neighborhood Market.

Our meal was at In-N-Out Burger at Broadway and Kolb.  The restaurant was mostly empty.  The odd part of dinner (there is always something odd that happens at some point in my life every day, this was it for today) was a woman and man who came in about halfway through our meal and started making a big issue with the In-N-Out staff about an incorrect order they were given yesterday.  The manager told them he couldn't help them without their receipt.  He had them call the In-N-Out customer service line while they were in the restaurant and the woman (then the man) yelled at whomever was on the phone.  It was hideously disruptive to dinner and it was obvious to everyone but the woman and man doing the yelling that they were trying to scam the restaurant into giving them free food.  A textbook example of why meth and/or crack users get a bad rap.  Mostly because it's deserved.

I tried to stall our departure from the restaurant because I was hoping there would be enough of a scene that the police would have to be called and maybe a takedown or a shootout or something that would occur and I'd get to shoot some epic video.  But, we ended up leaving before they did so I don't know how it turned out.  I am picturing a segment on the Cops TV show in my mind though.

After dinner, we went to a nearly empty Walmart Neighborhood Market grocery store.  Which surprises me now because I found out when I got home that the game was a blowout (43-8, Seattle beat Denver) and was pretty boring in the second half.  Maybe Superbowl party people were too drunk at that point to venture out to the store.  It was good for us, though.

That's how we spent Superbowl Sunday:  Giving Lucky a bath, getting his nails trimmed, a nap, a disrupted dinner thanks to crackheads, and grocery shopping.

I can hardly wait until football season starts again.

In-N-Out Burger at Broadway and Kolb on Superbowl Sunday
Quiet restaurant except for the crackheads who made a scene to try and get free food

No line at In-N-Out Burger.
This rarely happens.

Anthony and his soda in a virtually empty restaurant.

Cheeseburger and French fries at In-N-Out Burger.
A super dinner on Superbowl Sunday

Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco on Superbowl Sunday.
We walked down a lot of deserted aisles.

Cap'n Crunchs Sprinkled Donut Crunch Cereal
If you felt that regular Cap'n Crunch wasn't sweet enough, this solves that problem.

Post Poppin' Pebbles Cereal
This combines the best of Pop Rocks and Fruity Pebbles.
It fizzes in your mouth (sounds like a date I've had)

Tyson Mini Grilled Chicken Sandwiches
The one on the left is pulled chicken.
I haven't pulled any chicken in a while.

El Monterey Shell Shockers Chicken Taquitos
This is an awesome idea -- flavor the outside of the taquitos.
Now all they need to do is flavor the inside and it'll be delicious.

Eggo Drizzlers with Chocolate Icing
Syrup on your waffles is sooooo 2013.

I spotted these Old Spice anti-perspirants:
Foxcrest, Hawkridge, Wolfthorn, and Bearglove.
I have no idea what they smell like but it seems like
the oddest deodorant varieties ever.
"Oooo, you smell good... what are you wearing?  Oh, it's
Bearglove."  Yeah, that'll turn someone on.

Golden Oreo Mega Stuf
They have returned!  All is right in the world.
I've purchased four packages in the last two weeks.