Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day after Valentine's dinner at Chili's

Anthony and I had dinner tonight at Chili's on Broadway Blvd at the Williams Center.

It was his choice for dinner.  I was concerned on a Saturday night there would be a ridiculously long wait.  When we got there, they informed us it would be about 25 minutes.  In a stroke of luck, it turned out to be ten.

It was a nice and uneventful dinner.  Well, sort of.  A server almost dumped a tray of food on Anthony's head.  And, when our server brought us the check it was the wrong one.  I almost paid $17 more than what our actual check turned out to be.... and for a Kid Pepperoni and a margarita that we didn't order.  She told us that they recently remodeled the restaurant and she's still getting used to the new table numbers.  It worked out in the end and she even sent us with to-go drinks as an apology.  Score!

A photo of Anthony while we wait for a table

"Tucson (like no place else)" sign over the door at Chili's

If you've never seen chips, salsa and guacamole before...
you can now cross that off of your bucket list.

I tried to get a sneaky photo of Anthony but he caught me.
What he didn't know was:
He was photo bombed by a military guy's hat in the booth against the wall.

One of my crispy chicken tacos (with bacon) and a bowl of beans

The dessert menu had this new item:
Skillet Peanut Butter Cookie - "This dish contains nuts"
Apparently it's prepared by a male.