Sunday, October 4, 2015

Trying to fix a broken sinus

I've had a congestion issue with my left sinus for over a week. After getting some antibiotics from Anthony's doctor aunt (he called her and had her prescribe something for me) to treat what I thought was a sinus infection, I was not getting any better.

So, I decided to head to urgent care today to make sure that what I thought was a sinus infection was actually a sinus infection. And, to make sure I was taking the right antibiotics for treating it.

I went to FastMed at Grant and Swan. These storefront urgent care clinics have popped up in Tucson in the last handful of years but I had never tried one.

There were only a few people in the waiting room and I was seen by a doctor approximately half an hour after arrival. The girl working the front desk seemed like she wasn't terribly enthusiastic to be there but she was cordial and professional, so it didn't create an issue.

The nurse and the doctor were both super nice. The doctor determined that the sinus infection diagnosis was correct and prescribed me a different antibiotic in an attempt to kick the sinus infection's ass.

The odd sequence that occurred while I was there was the determination that I also have screaming high blood pressure. I have to go find another doctor to get it treated. I'm not looking forward to that since I have a pretty significant fear of anything medical. But, I suppose it's better than having a heart attack although that would force me to take a vacation.

I tried to make a joke about it to the doctor... saying if I poked my arm with a needle that I could create a neat little red fountain. They weren't amused for some reason.

Here's hoping the sinus infection goes away in a few days. I'm tired of being miserable.

The FastMed lobby at Grant and Swan
was pretty quiet on a Sunday afternoon

The exam room at FastMed.
The giant woman's head on
the wall wasn't creepy
or anything.
The two people left in the lobby
when my name was called.
The backs of their heads
are now internet famous.