Sunday, October 4, 2015

No Nut Butter, pickle ecstasy, and stool softener

It's Sunday night, which is dinner and grocery time for good ol' Anthony and I.

Dinner was at Jimmy John's at Grant and Swan (it's located by Walgreen's, where I needed to pick up my sinus infection antibiotic prescription).

We headed to our favorite Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco after dinner for some grocery shopping.

Alex, who I work with, tells me every time I don't post grocery store photos at the end of a weekend that he's disappointed. I may still be under the weather this week but I made the effort to shoot and post some pictures. I hate to disappoint if he goes to all the trouble to look at my photos and read the crap I write.

It's the little things I suppose.

Jimmy John's at Grant and Swan
I ordered my favorite sandwich:
A number two (roast beef)

Anthony isn't happy eating at
Jimmy John's unless he
gets a pickle.

Pure pickle ecstasy

Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter
at Walmart Market, Broadway
and Camino Seco.
I prefer nut in my butter
thank you very much.

Avengers Age Of Ultron cereal
It has marshmallows
because that's what every
super hero needs for breakfast

Star Wars cereal
It has marshmallows because
that's what every fake
space person needs
for breakfast

Disney Frozen cereal
It has marshmallows because
that's what every annoying
Disney character
needs for breakfast

Wild Mike's Ultimate Pizza
I don't know who Wild Mike is
but he must be a cool dude if
he makes a giant pizza like
this while sporting spiky
hair, a unabrow, and
a perma grin.

Someone abandoned this Star Wars
character in the random seasoning
bin. It looks like he is
crowd surfing, or in this case
it's spice surfing.

Bigs Sunflower Seeds
Anthony can't decide between
the ranch and the dill pickle.
Sounds like a date he's had.

Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies
Pumpkin Spice...
which is the Spice Girl
no one ever talked about.

I thought Phineas and Ferb went off
the air years ago but apparently
no one told the Cheez-It folks.

Knives and eyeballs make
spooktacular cupcake
decorations for Halloween.
To die for!

I tried to come up with a
clever cleaver caption
but I couldn't think of anything
that would cut it.

Popcorn bags
"Graveyard Grub"
I'd go to a cemetery more often
if they served snacks.

Abandoned bananas in the cleaning
products aisle.
What makes someone decide that
they need bathroom cleaner
more than four bananas?

Bringing back a classic:
Yoooooo Anthony!
I've got something for you
that'll relieve the pressure
on your colon
(not that you actually have
colon pressure, I just made
it up for my own
amusement... ahem)

Yoooooo Anthony!
I found you some stool softener
in case you sit on a stool
that's a bit too hard
and uncomfortable.