Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bratwurst pizza and menopause relief

Sunday = Dinner and grocery time for Anthony and I.

Taco Bell was the dinner spot, Walmart Neighborhood Market for groceries.

Anthony got a box deal that included a burrito thing with volcano sauce (he said it was really good), and tacos with the Doritos shells. I had my favorite, a Smothered Burrito. Every time I order one I always have to resist the urge to say to the Taco Bell employee "Hey baby, will you smother my burrito?" I might not like the answer I get.

It was the usual shenanigans at the grocery store. We usually buy the same stuff and I search for unusual products to take pictures of.

Anthony really knows how to
make unwrapping and holding a burrito
seem so sexual

"Hey baby, will you
smother my burrito?"

Chobani Pumpkin Greek Yogurt
They make just about everything
with pumpkin these days
so why not Greek yogurt?

More Chobani pumpkin yogurt.
Their "flip" variety...
Pumpkin Spice Harvest.
Which also sounds like
an air freshener I would
use in the bathroom
to make a poor attempt
at disguising my poop smell.

Duck Commander wine
If a duck commander was actually
drinking wine, I think it's more
likely it would be out
of a box.

Carnival Fruit Roll-Ups
It's fruit roll ups with
carnival rides printed
on them in festive
carnival flavors.
But, they did forget
stinky carnival worker
and horse poop flavors.

Tombstone Hulapeno Pizza
with pineapple and jalapenos
and their signature zesty sauce

Tombstone Bratwurst Pizza
Personally, I prefer my
Bratwurst between two buns.

Jolly Time Blast O Butter
And just like in the theater
it's artificially flavored.
And, blast o butter sounds
like a date I've had.

Yooooo Anthony!
I found this menopause relief
for you to help you reduce
your hot flashes, night sweats,
and manage your fatigue.
It's tough being 31 years old.

Yooooo Anthony!
I found this candy bar
with your name on it.

Yooooooo Anthony!
I found another candy bar
with your name on it.