Sunday, October 25, 2015

A slow condiment and Rockstar Horchata

Vegetation mitigation is hard work. In other words, killing weeds.

I spent a chunk of both days this weekend hacking away at bushes, chopping down weeds, pulling weeds, hating weeds, raking, sweeping, and spraying weed killer on the weeds that were left. Die you stubborn weed bastards, die.

It's not all doom and gloom though. I had a moment of excitement at the end of the week that I have to share. If you visit this website occasionally you're probably aware that I am not a frequent vacation taker. Some people are really great vacation takers. My co-workers do a good job, for example. In my entire working life (I got my first job when I was 12 years old, so that would be 37 years at this point), I've never used all of the vacation days that have come with the benefits packages I've had at any company. I always think that I should save some for a "just in case" kind of moment. I'm not dead yet, a "just in case" moment could show up at some point. Just sayin'.

The company I work for announced that they are switching all of us who worked for the company they purchased (the one I worked for before the one I work for now) to a PTO time off system. PTO apparently stands for Paid Time Off (first time I've encountered it at any company I've worked for), and it's a bank of time that you can use for sick days, vacation days, personal holidays, overly gassy days, whatever you want to use it for. The company I worked for before had an "unlimited" sick day policy and vacation days were a separate thing.

Here's why I got excited: The announcement included information that says up to five days (if you have that much left at the end of this year) can be transferred and added to the new PTO bank next year, in addition to what everyone else gets when 2016 starts. Any vacation days beyond that amount will be paid out at an employee's regular rate in January. Since I have not taken any vacation days in a while (my last one was December 17, 2010 when Anthony graduated from University Of Arizona) I will get a fat check in January... and an extra week of vacation added to my PTO bank. Holding out on taking vacation is bringing me a sweet windfall in a few months. And, I'll still have plenty of days for a "just in case" moment.

While I'm waiting for that windfall, I still have to live in the present. That means today, after I completed my work as a weed murderer, Anthony and I grabbed some dinner and groceries. I have to go back to work tomorrow.

I may be getting a little extra money in January, but I'm still going to shop at Walmart. I'm a simple man, you know.

Anthony's chicken sandwich
and cheese curds at Culver's.
I had a coupon so this was
free today.
And free is for me.

My choice was a mushroom swiss
Butterburger and fries.
Every time I get crinkle cut fries
it reminds me of a ribbed condom.
I'll let you take that visual
from here.

This condiment was a little slow
so I told it to ketchup.

Someone left strawberry syrup
with iced tea bags at Walmart Market.
A delicious flavor combination
if you've just smoked weed
or had your taste buds removed.

Rockstar is attempting to reach out
to the Hispanic market with their
Horchata Energy Drink.
If burritos make you tired
this is the perfect pick-me-up

Reese's Pumpkins say "BOO".
Happy Halloween.