Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cut along the dotted line

I posted a few photos of the small pond that appeared near the street in front of the house a couple of weeks ago. There seems to be a slow build up to the next chapter in this saga.

After noticing the small pond over the little vault that houses the newly installed (earlier this summer) smart water meter, I called Tucson Water. They sent out a very nice man right away and he arrived approximately an hour after I called.

He said that he would put in a work order for a repair. The pipe that is leaking is apparently on the city of Tucson's side of the meter so it shouldn't affect my bill. It also won't cost Anthony's mom (who owns this house) any repair charges. But, I have a gut feeling that an impending inconvenience to us is on the horizon.

So far, no work has been done to cut into the street (which is part of what is required to repair the leaking pipe) and we haven't seen any worker types with jackhammers. However, someone has been out here to do some kind of pre-survey work because spray paint markings have appeared on the curb and street.

I am hopeful that when they do the work to fix it that we are not without water for a lengthy period of time. If Anthony doesn't get his multiple showers a day he combusts into a ball of flame. And, it won't smell so fresh in the house if I can't flush my poop.

This story is to be continued.... stand by.

A tiny pond, a pipe leaking below
the pavement, and a dotted line
spray painted across the street.
Maybe they're going to cut into
the asphalt along the dotted line
with a giant pair of scissors
to repair the damaged pipe.