Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lucky at La Encantada

Twice a year since Lucky has been in our lives I've taken him up to La Encantada mall for the doggy fashion show at the Women's Spa and Wellness Showcase, which also happens twice a year. It's produced by the radio stations in our group 106.3 The Groove and 94.9 MIXfm.

Today was the day for the fall 2015 edition. It was a really nice day outside so it was an enjoyable experience. Anthony had errands to run with his mom so it was just Lucky and I who made the trip.

I pulled a classic outfit out and put his sporty "Rufferee" shirt on. People seemed to like it last time and it was a hit again today.

Lucky gets really excited when we go places and even though he looks like the most scared dog on the planet when we're there, his enthusiasm for going is super cute.

Lucky checks out this carousel
at La Encantada while wearing
his Rufferee outfit

After careful thought he says
"No thanks"

Seeing what Lucky sees:
He's checkin' out some
ladies butts

The crowd waits in anticipation
for the doggy fashion show

Some of the other dogs in the fashion
show included this "hot dog"

This bulldog looked festive

Alex's dog Gypsy looks
sassy as a sandwich

Super heroes even come
in canine form

Purple octopus
looking thing


Football player

Seeing what Lucky sees:
He wonders if Victoria's Secret
is having a bra sale

Only a dog can find the bottom
of an escalator fascinating

There were cars on display throughout
the mall and every time he spots
a car door he thinks he's
supposed to get in

Lucky's checking out the ladies

Lucky doesn't mind his ladies
a bit bigger...

...or a bit older.

Lucky checks these ladies out.
Who doesn't find a floral
print with yellow sandals sexy?

Mmmm... more butts

Where Anth and I had our first date

I showed Lucky where
daddy and daddy ate our
first dinner together.
He seemed to be
mildly interested.

The view from the upper deck
of La Encantada looking southeast

Lucky looks through the bars
at the commotion below


Satellite view of Lucky

Satellite view of my boss

I'm happy to be anywhere!