Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sinus Infection Part 2

I went back to FastMed urgent care again to have the sinus infection that I've been suffering with get another look. It's been a rough couple of weeks.

The waiting room was pretty busy but they got me in super fast. The doctor determined that I didn't have the infection anymore. So, she prescribed me Flonase to deal with what she felt was a continuing allergic reaction I'm having to something environmental.

She also prescribed me a month run of blood pressure medication. I guess the numbers were high enough that it had her worried. I wanted to go for a record but a quick search of the internet on my phone seemed to indicate that there was not a Guiness World Record for blood pressure so I suppose it would be futile to try unless I could get a certificate or prize.

My sinus system has improved a bit over the weekend so maybe I'm finally on the mend. Now I have to find something else to complain about.

Same exam room I was in last time
at FastMed at
Grant and Swan

I've decided that sheet of paper down
the middle is nothing more than a
psychological ploy to make me
think I'm not absorbing the butt
and back sweat
of the last patient

The girl on the wall
is still laughing at me

Visit to the Walgreen's pharmacy
to pick up my new prescriptions.
They just remodeled this location
at Grant and Swan in the
last year and it looks spiffy.

I got to witness a heart warming
reunion between these two guys
who apparently worked together
at some point and now both have
injuries from their respective jobs.
Who says memories can't be
made in the back of a Walgreen's?