Thursday, October 22, 2015

Picture Rocks Community Center Dinner 2015

I was invited to a dinner tonight by the Picture Rocks Community Center to honor people in the community that has made donations or contributions to their organization. I've put them on TV a couple of times to promote their cause, so I was invited to the dinner as a thank you. Their organization is headed by my longtime friend Jason.

The dinner was at BJ's Restaurant near Tucson Mall on Oracle Road.

The first thing that was pretty impressive when I walked back to their banquet area: The incredibly fancy table settings. It resembled something you might see at a high class wedding. I don't know this for a fact, but I'm guessing this is one of the fanciest table decorating setups that restaurant has ever seen.

The dinner was good (I had roast beef dip) and I enjoyed the conversation with the people around me. And, the plates had bling. You can never go wrong with bling.

Fancy table settings, tablecloth,
and chair covers at the
Picture Rocks Community Center
dinner event.

A closer view of the table.
The plates had a ring
of bling

Finishing appetizers
and waiting for the main course

Some of the people who
attended the dinner

The roast beef dip sandwich
and fries that I had for dinner.
I tried not to soil the bling
ring on the plate.