Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It was a meeting, not a meating

I attended a meeting today that included refreshments and plenty of useful information about health plan benefits being offered next year at my place of employment.

That's how all meetings should go. I always vote for refreshments to be served. Although, it was primarily sliced fruit that was offered. I hope this isn't a trend... I do prefer the donuts, pizza, cookies and pastries that often are on the menu. Of course, I have a Diet Coke to wash it down with so it cancels out the calories.

Totally by accident, I shot this photo
while a fork full of fruit was entering
his mouth.
Damn, I'm good.

I'm looking over a shoulder
while a co-worker plays solitaire
during the meeting.
He has a fancy Apple watch on
and is playing solitaire on
a twenty year old computer.
Something is wrong
with this picture.