Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Robo clamp to the rescue

The happy conclusion to the failed plumbing repair story: It is now fixed.

Anthony's mom called a plumber who came to the house this morning while I was at work. The determination was that it needed a rubber fitting that clamped over the pipe. Any backup that the pipe experienced when the washing machine was draining would be contained. The fix they devised has resolved the issue.

It's quite impressive looking. As opposed to the hose which just went down into the pipe, the new thing they put on there has several levels of rubber hose fitting with several clamps. It's like something that would be used as part of a plumbing robot. It may even be bulletproof.

I wouldn't have come up with something like that. Which is why I am not a plumber. Plus, I still don't have the right sized butt crack to be a plumber. My butt is too small. I should have realized when I was in the shower and saw my naked butt that it wasn't equipped for a career in plumbing.

Genetics were not on my side.

The hose into the pipe
that was causing it to
spill over (photo taken yesterday)

Robo hose fitting
that resolved the issue.
Plumbers crack not included.