Monday, October 19, 2015

My plumbing career was over before it got started

I have been defeated.

The drain pipe for the washing machine in the laundry room has suddenly decided it cannot handle the volume of water that comes out of the washer when it is emptying the tub of water. I thought that it was a clogged pipe so I tried lye first in an attempt to get it to drain properly, then Anthony's mom brought over a drain snake. After managing to get it down the pipe about four feet, I couldn't get it any farther.

Another try at emptying the washer of water yielded the same results. It will drain a light flow of water but not the volume that comes out of the washer when it drains.

I have to come to grips with the sad fact that I'm not qualified to be a plumber.

I have fixed a number of little things in this house since we've lived here. A jammed garbage disposal, a few lights that weren't working, a clogged shower drain, little stuff like that. But, I've met my match with the laundry pipe drain.

Plus, I don't have a very big butt crack so I wouldn't make a good plumber, anyway. A bad ass butt crack is at the top of the list of criteria for being a plumber.

That's who will be coming in the next day or two that will be fixing it -- a plumber with what I assume will be an epic butt crack and the skills to fix the issue.

Oh well. I'll stick to media. You can be successful with a small butt crack working in television.

The pipe that ruined my
plumbing career before
it ever got started