Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pumpkin cheesecake shake and a half eaten cookie

Sunday is dinner out and grocery shopping day. Today's food choice was Arby's at Speedway and Pantano, then grocery shopping at Walmart Market on Broadway, with a stop on the way home at Walgreen's at Speedway and Pantano.

Today's excursion was pumpkin overload:

The feast at Arby's

Anthony chose sliders
for his dinner

I got a pumpkin cheesecake shake.
It was really good.

I also got a brisket bacon flatbread.
Arby's has discontinued homestyle fries
on it's menu nationwide
so I went with an old favorite
from my youth, potato cakes.
Sure, they're hash browns
in the shape of a triangle.
They're also delicious.

Scary sugar cookies at Walmart Market.

Someone (not me) opened a
package of cookies and
ate part of one.
This is why we can't have
nice things.

Cute little striped pumpkins

Someone left their cheddar broccoli
soup mix with the skull cookie kit.
Now that's scary.

They make pumpkin spice bagels.
It's the magic of fall.

Halloween Funfetti Vanilla Frosting.
Just think, someone sits in a conference
room and dreams this stuff up.

The amount of work that Anthony
puts into choosing the perfect
package of bacon is exhausting
to watch.

Anthony is on to me when I
hold up a random product in
the health and beauty area.
But Anthony, I have something
that can help your itch and rash...

Yooooo Anthony!
I found a candy bar
with your name on it.

We stopped at Walgreen's because
my nose hair trimmer broke
and I needed a new one.
This one apparently trims seven
other things. I should be very
neat and tidy now all over.

Halloween Chips Ahoy at Walgreen's.
It looks like the cookies on the
package want to eat the moon.

7 Deadly Zins wine
If I drank a bottle of this
I'd want to commit at
least 2 or 3.

After eating pumpkin spice flavored
food and drinking pumpkin spice drinks
it only makes sense to freshen your
breath with pumpkin spice gum.

Anthony is so thirsty
that it's spooky.