Thursday, October 1, 2015

Carrington College shoot

We had an on-location shoot today for the TV show at Carrington College.

The shoot focused on their medical assistant program but we also got a tour of some of the other areas of the school when we shot b-roll for the segment.

I took show host Tina to a late lunch afterward at Del Taco. I wish I lived on the side of town where all of the Del Taco locations are (they're all on the west side and I live on the east side). I'd eat there quite often. I've always had big love for Del Taco. The chicken soft tacos are like crack.

Steve gets the camera shot ready
while Tina reviews the interview
questions with the crew
at Carrington College

This dental chair
seems really really happy

This dental chair
knows how to get ahead.
A HEAD! Get it?

This fake head looks really
turned on by Tina's smooches


Shooting b-roll
in the Pharmacy Tech area

Massage therapy

I would have tried harder in college
if it involved laying down on a table
and sticking my head in a hole

The after shoot lunch at Del Taco:
The aftermath