Thursday, October 29, 2015

First visit to Dr. Pounds at Orange Grove Family Practice

I had a doctor's appointment today to get my current blood pressure situation checked.

I've needed a new primary care physician for years. But, I've been less than enthusiastic about dealing with it because I don't have a need to go to see a doctor often (I'm not sick much, at least at this point in my life) and medical stuff scares me. I finally decided after the urgent care doctor a few weeks ago insisted that I start taking blood pressure medication that I had to bite the bullet and decide on one.

It was an hour round trip drive to the northwest side of Tucson to go see him: Dr. Pounds at Orange Grove Family Practice at La Cholla and Orange Grove. Totally awesome guy.

My main challenge with this sort of thing is that I have a personality. I've noticed that a lot of people who go to medical places seems to be kind of reserved. Not me, I try to make it fun. And, I joke a lot when I'm nervous or uncomfortable with a situation anyway... which a medical office certainly is a place where it's easy to be nervous or uncomfortable. Most folks in the medical profession that I've encountered tend to think I'm not serious about whatever it is I'm in to get treated for as a result. So, I have to search for someone who is fine with me being me. It's harder than you'd think. It's kind of like going on a date without any possibility of sex, although sometimes at the doctor's office removal of pants is required (for non-sexual reasons).

Anyway, one visit and I already think he's way cool. I'm all set with a new blood pressure medication and they drew some blood so he could verify that I have some. It's probably important to check and make sure your new patient is stocked with blood.

Dr. Pounds was just all around great. The drive to that office was a little inconvenient for me but in the end totally worth it.

I don't really know if it's politically correct or not to sneak a few photos in at a doctor's office. It probably breaks some sort of law. But, I do it anyway. I'm a rebellious photo shooting medical patient.

Lobby of Orange Grove
Family Practice, home of
Dr. Kevin Pounds.
The staff there decorated
for Halloween

The exam room I was in.
There's medical stuff
in there.

While waiting for Dr. Pounds
I read the stuff on the walls
and door.
I learned about
"The Amazing Back"
which I've been on
more times than
I can count.