Monday, May 26, 2014

The slightly tragic end to a holiday weeKENd

It's come to the end of the first three day weekend of 2014.

I enjoyed the extra day off.  I supposed I needed the break.  The one real downer was the Ken Carr car breaking down.  I tried starting it up tonight to see if it was going to hold up after last night's issue and break down at Broadway and Craycroft (I think it's a bad valve, but I have pretty limited car knowledge) and it's chugging like a diesel engine (it's a rotary, shouldn't be doing that).  My high level of hope that it was a glitch has not played out.

I'm the type of guy that may groan a bit when life isn't treating me like I'd like, but I'm still convinced that it will work out.  I never know how it will, or most of the time how to approach a tough situation except to grind my way through it, but it always seems to turn out alright.  I just have to go through some pain to get there.

Being the glass half full person that I am, I fully expect a sack of money just full enough to pay for the repair of the car will come falling out of the sky.  Hopefully it won't fall directly onto my head, or I'll end up with a serious neck or cranium injury and the car money will be spent on a broken neck.

In the meantime, a moment of sadness and despair for the broken Ken Carr car.  You may be ten years old but I know you've got a lot of life left.  I'll get you fixed as soon as I'm able!

The Ken Carr car (when she was feeling much better)