Saturday, May 24, 2014

Shameless Kentastic self promotion

One of my recent projects is doing a little bit of marketing for this blog.  My thought process behind the effort is that I spend the time to create content for it, I might as well attempt to get a few more people to see it.  If you can believe Google's statistics, it receives about an average of 500 visitors a month.  Not bad for my random Kenparazzi photos and silly sense of humor.

Vistaprint was having a sale so I ordered a few items with my newly self-designed logo printed on stuff.  I thought I'd give a mug and a mousepad a try in addition to some business cards.  I wondered what a couple of promotional items might look like with my amateur attempt at a logo and the two items together were about $12 plus a few bucks for shipping.

Maybe one day I'll seriously toss around the idea of Kentastic Ken Carr merchandise.  First, I have to figure out if anyone would have any interest in buying stuff with my big round face on it.  That's where the big hurdle exists.  If I sold dart boards with my face in the middle, those would probably sell well.  So would Ken Carr toilet paper.  Wiping your butt on my face likely would have a lot of appeal.  But t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, more traditional stuff?  Unknown at this point.

The KENtastic Ken Carr mug.
It looks like Uranus.

The KENtastic Ken Carr mousepad.
It also looks like Uranus.