Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stick of doom

Lucky is one of the most observant dogs I have ever encountered.  He notices every little detail in his surroundings and if something is different than what he's used to his ears go back, he cowers, and even tries to run.  I try to calm his nerves and work with him on this but it seems to be a behavior I can't quite get him to break and have had limited success with improving his confidence.  He's four years old now so it may never be something I can do much more with.

After I got home from work today I took him out to poop.  We walked up to the patio outside of the front door and he kept looking up with something making him nervous.  I couldn't figure out at first what was the cause, then I realized that it was.... a stick.

It was really windy today and there was a stick on the roof of the apartment building that had landed there and was protruding out a few inches.  Once he spotted the stick, Lucky seemed to think it was a threat to his well being.

He is the only dog that would run from a stick instead of play with it.  I removed the stick of doom after taking the picture.  I couldn't let Lucky be paralyzed with fear any longer.

Poor doggie.

The stick of doom on the roof of the apartment.

For a little perspective, here's a wide shot of the stick on the roof.
I either have a neurotic dog or I don't understand
the real threat this stick presents.
I'm going with the first one.