Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A visit to Curacao

We had an on-site video shoot today for the TV show at the Curacao department store on the south side at I-10 and 6th Avenue.

It's a huge and amazing store.  It's amazing because they have such a wide array of products -- electronics, furniture, kids stuff, home appliances, computers, bikes, cosmetics, the list goes on.

The Kenparazzi was on the case to give you some behind the scenes of the shoot.

Discussing the shoot

Putting microphones on

This dark haired guy at the store was funny to me because
he was flirting with the ladies.

Shooting video in the computer department

A wide shot of the interior of the store while an interview was in progress

Austin (black hat) is trying to figure out why I'm shooting pictures.
He obviously has never read my blog.

Getting ready to shoot video in the furniture department

Going over script in the furniture department

A Hello Kitty bed

About to shoot another interview

The Hello Kitty bed was a popular spot

This 3D TV was only about 1/4 inch thick

Shooting an interview in the TV department

If my living room had this many TV's...
Anthony would never leave the couch.

Another shot of the store from the computer department

Interior photo -- Curacao is a big place

Someone lost a shoe outside of the Curacao store

The shoe was probably thrown from a car on I-10...
which is on the other side of that wall.

Urban art: "Spyer" spray painted on the I-10 retaining wall
north of the Curacao store.

Thanks Curacao for letting me visit!