Saturday, May 10, 2014

Payton's tour of KGUN 9

Payton asked if I could give him a tour of the TV / Radio building.  We had some time to kill this afternoon while Anthony was out doing the voodoo that Anthony does so well, so I showed him around before the early evening newscast and then we sat in the studio and watched the anchors and staff perform.

I forget sometimes since I work at KGUN every day that it's pretty fascinating to many people how we put a television show on.  He seemed to really enjoy the experience of the visit.

In an ironic moment, we sat on the Morning Blend couch set to watch the newscast in the studio.  I don't sit on the set very often.  I had forgotten that the chairs the hosts sit in aren't terribly comfortable.  Good thing they look good on TV.

Payton is obviously impressed with sitting in the TV studio

Our view in the studio of Cuyler Diggs, Christina Myers,
Valerie Cavazos and Kayla Anderson doing the 5 p.m. newscast

Our view of the studio from the Morning Blend couch set