Sunday, May 4, 2014

The beating of a Smurf

I went to a Cinco De Mayo party hosted by my friends Jay and Tyson yesterday at their home in the Tucson foothills.

It was a nice party.  There was a dj and karaoke, a big Mexican food spread, the kids there got to take swings at a Smurf piñata (nothing says Cinco De Mayo like a Smurf), and a lovely view of Tucson from up on the hill.

They even had a chicKEN coop.  And no yolk, from what I understand they lay EGGcellent eggs.

This is Ike.
Jay used to be my next door neighbor years ago and he got Ike
when he was a puppy.  He's now 12 and still a sweetheart even
if he now has a giant head... and body.

Jay and Tyson's backyard

The chicKEN coop.
These birds lay about four dozen eggs a week.
I'll bet the chickens would be delicious as nuggets.

That's Kelly on the swing, Justin pushing, and Jay on the chair.
They're enjoying the jungle gym in Jay and Tyson's backyard.

A Smurf piñata.  I have a feeling he doesn't know he's about to get a beating.

Kids at the party taking swings at the Smurf piñata to get some candy.

One of the Smurf's legs detached after taking a beating

Ike has a quality conversation with Judy and Maria.
Actually, he's hoping for food.

View of Tucson looking south from Jay and Tyson's backyard.

Om nom nom.

Chris and Justin sing karaoke.
Kind of like Sonny and Cher... but not really.

Ike is exhausted. Enough partying for one old dog.