Sunday, May 11, 2014

Meh at the Mall

Payton, Anthony and I went to Park Place Mall today to spend a gift card that Payton had and to eat some dinner.

I love the mall.  I actually work at one in 1986 and 1987 in Denver at May D&F Department store.  It kind of sucked today for me because I've had an upset stomach all day so the distraction of my churning tummy probably didn't make me good company.  Credit to Payton and Anthony for putting up with me.

Payton ended up getting socks at Macy's, camouflage pants at Old Navy, and we ate at the food court.  That turned out to be the real disaster.  Within half an hour I was a diarrhea manufacturing machine.  Good thing we weren't far from home and I have some pills to take to deal with that issue.

There's your TMI (too much information) moment for today.

Anthony and Payton check out underwear at Macy's at Park Place

A table full of socks with silly designs and colors at Macy's.
Only real men wear pink.

A shirt marked 50% off on a Macy's clearance rack.
I'm no math whiz, but $24.75 doesn't seem like half of $9.50.

Choo choo train making it's way through Park Place Mall
It even made the woo woo sound.

Boxer shorts at Old Navy with cheeseburgers, sodas and fries.
And, when you wear them there is a hot dog inside!

This Old Navy t-shirt describes how my stomach felt today.

Put a bow in my hair and I feel pretty, oh so pretty.

Hollywood Hip Hugger at Old Navy
Use it to show off your ba-donk-a-donk

Coughing up the cash at the Old Navy front counter

The old Z Gallery store at Park Place is going to be
a bar and food place called "Yard House".
It was under construction today.

File this under: "Unusual vending machine".
There is a Proactiv acne treatment vending machine at Park Place

Payton changed into his new camouflage pants.
I can't see his legs (cause they're camouflaged... duh)

Here's the food from Panda Express at the Park Place food court
that caused my digestive system to explode

Anthony didn't find me amusing today.
But, he humored me with a smile at the food court.

Payton chows on Panda Express food.
The Kenparazzi likes pictures of people eating.

My fortune cookie said:
"Don't be hasty, prosperity will soon knock on your door"
I vote yes.