Friday, May 2, 2014

Kenparazzi: Accident at Pima and Tanque Verde

I was alerted to an accident and car fire at Pima Street and Tanque Verde by a follower of @whatsuptucson tonight.  Since I only live three blocks from that intersection, I grabbed a camera and walked over to see it myself and take some pictures.

Best I could figure out, it appeared that two cars crashed into each other at the intersection (a red Toyota 4-Runner and a dark colored BMW) and the BMW caught on fire as a result.

Check out the Kenparazzi photos (shot with a Canon SX50 camera).

Accident and car fire scene at Pima Street and Tanque Verde Road

Red SUV vs black BMW

First responders working on the vehicles

The BMW that caught fire as a result of the accident.
The fire was out by the time I walked over there.

Another view of the accident scene from the northwest corner

Firefighters had to use air powered tools to pry open the BMW's hood

Firefighter spraying the BMW's engine with a fire retardant

Firefighters checking out the BMW's engine compartment

Another firefighter looking at the BMW's burned engine compartment

It's a mess!

People on the corner (who I'm guessing were in one of the vehicles)

Another group who I believe were involved in the accident
on the southwest corner of the intersection