Saturday, May 31, 2014

Goodbye Sally lunch

I went to a lunch at Zinburger on Friday.  Some of the people I work with gathered to say goodbye to my co-worker Sally.

It was a nice little lunch on their patio.  Unfortunately, it was 100 degrees and even though there was a slight breeze and they had misters on, it was pretty uncomfortable.  I was wearing a long sleeved dress shirt and jeans which didn't help.

The burger I ate completely upset my stomach.  I spent the afternoon after returning to work making hourly visits to the restroom.  (There's your TMI moment for today).

Co-workers on the patio at Zinburger for Sally's goodbye lunch

Waiting for our food to arrive

The food starts to arrive

I ate a Samburger, which came out of me faster than it went in.

Misters on the patio attempt to moderate the heat at Zinburger

Sally has a conversation with Stella.
Goodbye Sally, we'll miss you!