Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Camera for sale - Canon SX50 super zoom

SOLD!  Thanks for checking it out though.

It breaks my heart, but I'm putting one of my favorite cameras up for sale.  The Ken Carr car is broKEN and I need the money to get closer to what it'll take to repair it.

I have for sale a Canon SX50 super zoom camera.  It's got one of the most awesome zoom lenses I've ever seen.  1200mm or roughly a 200 times digital zoom.  Here's the camera's description page on the Canon website -- click here.

The camera is basically in brand new condition.  I still have the box in came in with all items included that it was sold with.  I also have an external Canon Speedlite 270EX flash that goes on the hot shoe (external flashes are much nicer than the one that is the little pop up on the camera itself), 2 extra batteries, the external wall charger, a 16GB SD card, and a hand grip that I added.

The camera is currently selling on for $399.00 without any of the extras.  The external flash sells for $149.00 on Amazon, the batteries $22.99, and the SD card about $10, and the hand grip $10.  That's $590 worth of stuff if you bought it all on Amazon today (not including shipping).

I'm offering it all for $400.00 cash.  If you're interested, I have it in my office at KGUN 9 and you can come by and see it during business hours at 7280 E. Rosewood Street, near Speedway and Kolb.  Alert me you're coming by calling my direct line at (520) 290-7681 or call if you have any questions.  I'd like to try and sell it without having to deal with Craigslist so I'm offering it here first.

Here's a photo of what I'm selling, and some picture examples of what it's capable of (note -- there was no retouching or filtering of the photos, the only thing I did was sized them down a bit for display on this blog... wait til you see the kind of photos it can shoot of the moon!  See below):

Canon Speedlite 270EX external flash (goes on the hot shoe on top of the camera),
charger with two extra batteries (third battery in the camera),
Canon SX 50 camera with 1200mm super zoom lens,
the hand grip on the camera, and box the camera came in with instruction book and
whatever discs it came with (I never used them but they're in there)
Example photo:  University of Arizona football game October 2013
This is a wide shot from a luxury box on the west side of the stadium

Example photo:  Sunset view looking north

Sunset view looking south about an hour before kickoff

Injured Jared Tevis, who was on the OPPOSITE sideline... I was still
in the same sky box as the above photos. It's got an amazing zoom lens.

Picture of game action taken from same west side luxury box

Here's the lunar eclipse from April

Another photo of the lunar eclipse taken with this Canon SX50