Saturday, May 31, 2014

My window is wearing protection

I posted photos a couple of weeks ago of the repaint job that is underway at Ridgepointe.  The painters are repainting the repainting.

The repainting of the repainting has made its way over to my building.

It's weird to look at it and realize that parts of the building are the same color as my butt.  And, just like my butt, it doesn't seem to be getting any less white.  The difference is in the next few days the building will get darker.  At least I'm assuming it will.

This section of my apartment building has been repainted white.
The resemblance to the color of my butt is amazing.

Painted green, painted white, and soon to be green again.
It's the repainting of the repainting.

The painters are making sure that my living room window
is wearing protection.
This is the best way to protect the window from pregnancy.