Saturday, May 31, 2014

The last four photos I shot with the Canon SX50

I shipped off my super zoom Canon SX50 camera to Heather in California, who was kind enough to buy it from me a few days ago.

Before I packed it up to ship, I checked the SD card and there were four photos I had not downloaded.  As a tribute to the KENjoyment I got from the camera while I had it, I'm sharing them with you.

It was fun to have while it lasted.

I shot this photo of the moon to show Payton how neat the camera is.
It kind of looks like a butt cheek.
A butt cheek that desperately needs exfoliation.

A wide shot of a jet flying at high altitude over Tucson.
This was the view from my master bedroom balcony.

Another shot of the jet zoomed in a bit.

Same jet, zoomed in even closer.
I think I see someone waving from one of the windows.