Thursday, May 1, 2014

Abandoned pickup at Ridgepointe

There is a black pickup truck that has been sitting for months in the parking lot at my apartment complex and seems to be abandoned.

I end up parking next to it fairly regularly because Anthony and I take turns using our reserved parking spot and the space next to the pickup is open pretty often.

I saw a ticket on it's windshield from the police department a few weeks ago (its gone now so I'm guessing it blew away at some point).  The truck's registration expired months ago so maybe that's what it was for.  Then, it got a red sticker threatening tow away.  Part of the sticker was torn off the next day, so maybe whomever does have it keeps trying to get it from being removed.

Then yesterday, I noticed that someone put a sticker over the torn off sticker that said "black people".  I thought it was unusual enough to take a picture.

The abandoned pickup truck at Ridgepointe

The sticker over the sticker.
I see black people.
Dusty spiderwebs in the bed of the truck with bug carcasses.
This truck has been here a while.