Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Under a blood red moon - the April 14, 2014 lunar eclipse

I made the crazy decision to stay up late last night (on a school... I mean work, night) to capture some photos of the lunar eclipse.  The shadow of the Earth is cast upon the moon when the alignment works between the sun, Earth and moon.  It's also known as a "blood moon" because when its mostly obscured by the shadow it turns a reddish color.  It's like the moon becomes a ginger for a couple of hours.

I used my Canon SX50, the camera with the crazy zoom lens, to score the photos.  One of them even ended up on KGUN 9 TV this morning.  That's a pretty awesome thing for a barely amateur photographer like me.  It may have helped that the show the photo was on happens to be the same show that I manage, but we'll pretend that's not part of the equation.

It was a clear night and a pretty spectacular view.

The start of the lunar eclipse on April 14, 2014
as seen from the balcony of the Ken Carr World Headquarters
at 11:20 p.m.

11:40 p.m. and the shadow continues to creep across the moon.

12:15 a.m. and the shadow is now 90 percent across.
You can see the reddish color that the shadow causes.

The last Kenparazzi photo of the blood moon / lunar eclipse I shot at 12:35 a.m.
That little bright thing down to the lower right is Mars.
This is the photo that was shown today on KGUN 9.