Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"So you're telling me you're a lazy piece of shit"

Dear diary, today was an odd day. Love, Ken.

Here's an example of how the day went:  I had a conversation with a guy on Facebook tonight that I've known for years.  We used to work together at one of the radio groups here in Tucson.  He lives in another state now and isn't in the radio business anymore.

Here's part of the Facebook message he sent me:  "I recently invested in a marketing software company. We launched the company in January and only 3000 people in the world know about this software. I'm building support teams all over the country and I'm looking for competitive driven leaders. I think that fits your profile. Watch this 5 min video and then let's get on the phone together so I can get your thoughts."

Red alert red alert.  Danger danger.  Ugh.  MLM.  Multi Level Marketing.  It's an invention of some sort of evil force.  It was easy to identify that it's one of these kinds of companies with the "I'm looking for competitive driven leaders" line.  I do not care for these types of companies and the people who are involved with them.  They are too cult-like for my taste.  Hey, if that's your thing then good for you.  I just want nothing to do with it.

I remember when I was a kid, my parents had some people over who did this presentation on what turned out to be Amway.  That's a multi level marketing company that has been around since dirt was invented.  They have stuff like laundry detergent and household products and you're supposed to sign up your friends and then when everyone that you've signed up buys stuff, you get a commission.  The more people signed up and the more stuff they buy, the more money you make (in theory, anyway).  I was probably ten years old at the time and I thought it was awful.  And I didn't even know any better.

So, with the Facebook software guy I was joking around and saying things like "I've never been called a competitive driven leader before" and "I suck at selling stuff".  It was quite obvious that the tone of the conversation was only lighthearted on my end.  I got replies from him like, "so you're telling me you're a lazy piece of shit" and "I guess I was wrong about you".  Really?  Because I'm not kissing your butt to buy into this scheme I deserve to be called "a lazy piece of shit?"

He ended the conversation rather quickly when he realized that I wasn't the "competitive driven leader" (sucker) he was hoping for.

I didn't fare well with some other people today, either.  Crabby co-workers, an angry guest who cancelled their show segment after I wouldn't agree to put way too large of a music group on the show for what we have room for in the studio, and then Anthony was in a bad mood tonight as well.  He even came out to the living room when I was watching TV to chew me out for Lucky going into his bathroom while he was in there peeing.  Lucky isn't allowed in that room.

I'm glass half full 99% of the time.  I'm grateful to be alive.  I think I was sad more than anything that I encountered an all day string of people who weren't having a good day.

I did have an amusing moment today when I left for work.  Someone at Ridgepointe had their car windows written on for their birthday.  I took a Kenparazzi photo because this sort of thing amuses me.

Happy Birthday random unknown neighbor.  From your "so you're telling me you're a lazy piece of shit" neighbor.  Party hard!

Unknown random neighbor's car with "party hard" written on the window.
Turned out to be the highlight of my day.