Sunday, April 6, 2014

Extra gravy, a yellow dinosaur and Vagi-Care

It's Sunday, which is the day that Anthony and I make our weekly dinner and grocery shopping excursion.

Today's dinner was at Boston Market at Grant and Tanque Verde.  We've eaten here multiple times and on Sunday afternoons it's quite common that whatever restaurant we choose is empty.  That was the case again today.  I have to give props to Rudy, the guy who helped us with our order.  He gave me extra gravy for my chicken Market Bowl.  Food is always more delicious when there's an abundance of gravy.

When we were leaving, I spotted an employee at McDonald's next door painting one of the dinosaur statues a bright yellow that is outside of the restaurant.  It's obvious that the decision was made to not have that dinosaur continue to be an authentic reptile color.  Maybe that species of dinosaur suffered from extreme cases of jaundice.

The grocery shopping portion of our trip was at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco.  I was able to get the usual photo assortment of odd products including wine that was labeled "Hot To Trot" (ladies who drink that will probably make their men happy) and a bin that contained the off-brand version of Vagisil called "Vagi-Care".  I turn into a 12 year old when I run across feminine products.  Anthony doesn't seem to find that sort of thing nearly as funny as I do but I don't care.  To me, it's still funny.

Dinner with Anthony (who is on the right captured with a Sneaky Photo)
at Boston Market at Grant and Tanque Verde in Tucson.
Once again, we ate in an empty restaurant.

Chicken Market Bowl at Boston Market with extra gravy on the side.
Thanks Boston Market employee Rudy for the hook up!

Center of this photo by the pickup truck:
A McDonald's employee painting a dinosaur statue.
Right after this, the dinosaur ate the employee for painting him yellow.
Om nom nom.

14 Hands "Hot To Trot" wine.
Sounds like the perfect drink to inspire making babies.
Or waking the neighbors.

Entenmann's Little Bites Strawberry Yogurt Muffins
That's a cartoon dog with the pink nose on the box.
I wonder if it would do the same thing to Lucky if he ate them.

Pop-Tarts 50th Birthday Edition Chocolate Vanilla Crème
I hope they weren't stored for 50 years and just now put on the store shelves.
It might break a tooth when you bite into one.

Blue Raspberry Campfire Mallow Bursts
Because regular marshmallows aren't sweet enough.
Or blue enough.

Hot Pockets Limited Edition Cuban Style
If Ricky Ricardo was still alive, he'd have these in his freezer.
Chick-chicky boom.

Ben and Jerry's Core ice cream has finally made it into stores.
Hazed and Confused and That's My Jam.
Sounds like a date I've had.

Oreo Fruit Punch cookies
These need to be dunked in vodka.

I asked Anthony if we need this box of Vagi-Care.
2 guys at the grocery store + feminine products = juvenile hilariousness.
Oddly enough, I put it back.