Saturday, April 5, 2014

Being the second biggest clown in the joint

Anthony and I went to dinner at McDonald's tonight at Tanque Verde and Grant.  It's the dinosaur themed McD's that we live nearby.

Standing behind the front counter when we walked in was none other than Ronald McDonald!  The folks in the McDonald's marketing department do a great job at finding the right people to put on the fluffy yellow suit and makeup.  He was entertaining a little boy by playing the ukulele and making cute little jokes.  I'm a sucker for mascots so I snapped a photo.  Ronald left the restaurant right after so I didn't get the chance to get a photo with him but at least I got one while he was at the front of the restaurant.  I also got a few photos of our delicious dinner.

Now THIS is what I consider top notch entertainment to go with fine dining.

Ronald McDonald at the McDonald's front counter at Tanque Verde and Grant
He was playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" for the little boy in the blue shirt.
It was one of the rare times in my life where there was a bigger clown around than me.

Anthony's chicken club sandwich at McDonald's

Here's my Bacon and Cheese Quarter Pounder
I ordered it without pickle and onion cause that's how I roll.

McDonald's still makes the world's most amazing French fries.
I'd marry them, but I'd rather eat them.
And, eating your wife is a crime... at least in this country.