Sunday, April 27, 2014

Payton the house guest

Anthony and I have a house guest.  His name is Payton.

Anthony has known him for a while.  They became friends when Anthony worked at the corrections officer job he had at juvenile detention.  Payton was in there for some minor thing and they stayed in contact after.  He apparently needed a place to sack out for a short time and we have a functional floor.

Payton took out the garbage today without even asking.  I like him already.  Lucky has surprised us by being pretty low key about him being here.  The dog has typically been a nervous wreck when we have visitors but he's doing pretty well.  It might help that I've been bribing him with French fries, a little chunk of scrambled eggs, and a piece of a biscuit.

One thing that sucks though.... is that Payton likes the same kind of freaky scary movies that Anthony does.  While I'm writing this, they're in the living room watching some sort of flick that has freaky sound effects and screaming.  I assume it's the movie.  (It must be pretty scary, I just heard Payton yell "Oh f**k!")

Ken doesn't do scary.  I get enough scary seeing myself naked in the shower every morning.
Here's Payton about to dig into a plate of nachos at El Taco Tote.

Nachos at El Taco Tote

I ate tacos, beans and rice.
Look how civil I am with a plastic fork and knife.

Sneaky photo of Anthony:
He shows love for Payton and I on his way into our kitchen.
(He's flipping us off... thanks Anthony)