Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chipoltle now serves tofu

I made a dinner run tonight for Anthony and I.  He likes Chipoltle so I went there to get his dinner, and I stopped at Paco's at Grant and Swan to get myself a California burrito.  I've tried eating Chipoltle more than once and there is something in their food that gives me a raging case of the shits.  So, I get him food there and go find myself something else to bring home.

I noticed when I was there getting Anthony his chicken bowl that there was a sign highlighting their featured item:  "Sofritas".  According to the sign, Sofritas is tofu with chiles, poblano peppers, and spices.  Tofu is sooooo disgusting in my opinion.  If I've had trouble digesting their food with meat in it, I can't imagine the explosive nature of a Sofritas burrito on my tender little digestive system.  No thank you.

After I got home, we ate dinner on the couch watching Cops on TV.  He's now watching The Little Mermaid movie, and I'm writing this.  It's probably a tie as to which one of us is being more productive with our Saturday night.

Waiting in line at Chipoltle at Grant and Swan to buy Anthony's dinner.
The back of this woman's head on the left is now internet famous.