Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bacon cheeseburger, Dirty chips, and fish oil

Sunday night = dinner and grocery shopping.  It's as predictable as my poop smelling like roses.

Tonight's dinner choice was Smashburger at 22nd and Kolb.  This location hasn't been open that long.  It's pretty similar to the one we visited a few months ago at Grant and Swan.  I do prefer the seating layout for this location and it wasn't very busy (most restaurants we visit are empty or nearly empty when we go on Sunday nights, it's a talent to find them, I'm telling you.)

I had a bacon cheeseburger minus the vegetables and minus the mustard plus fries, Anthony had a burger but he got the vegetable offerings.

After dinner, it was on to Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft for grocery shopping.  Anthony was not in the mood for shopping today and I knew he pretty much was over it when we were in the parking lot leaving afterward and he got angry at me for grabbing an abandoned extra cart one parking space over on the way to the cart corral when I was putting ours back.  I've learned that I'm the only one of the two of us that gets a thrill out of pushing a shopping cart... and grocery shopping.  But in my view, it's a lot bigger thrill pushing it than it is paying for what's in it when we leave.

Smashburger at 22nd Street and Kolb Road in Tucson
We actually ate in a restaurant with other customers.
Nine other customers.  Much higher total than usual.

The line for ordering food at Smashburger (there wasn't one today!)
These two guys were not included in my count of nine customers at Smashburger.
They were waiting for a to-go order.

I don't know how we got order number 18, when there were only 9 people in the restaurant.
Maybe my Nebraska math education is failing me.

The bacon cheeseburger I ordered at Smashburger.
This is how I like my burgers:  Meat patty, cheese, bacon, ketchup, bun.
Been my favorite way to have a burger since birth.

Anthony's cheeseburger - he pollutes his with vegetables like pickles, lettuce and tomato.
I admire him for it but it's a tough way to live.

You can get a beer with your food at Smashburger.
Don't have too many, or it'll be Smashedburger for you.

Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft.
Nature's Harvest Lemon Crème Almonds.
Lemon crème on my almonds = sounds like a date I've had.

McIlhenny Tabasco Pepper Jelly
I can't imagine putting this on toast.
Private parts, yes. Toast, no.

Ruffles Deep Ridged chips
I've never eaten a potato chip so large that a rib or a wing will fit on it.

Dirty Potato Chips
Some people prefer their magazines clean and their chips dirty.
I like it the other way around.

Eat Your Vegetables chips
"Now With Kale"
Men In Black on DVD was on the shelf stuck behind it.

Have trouble with a squeaky fish?
Here's what you can use to lubricate it.

Sneaky Photo of Anthony at Walmart Market
He's in the candy aisle.
It's easy to get a sneaky photo of him here
because he's got a love affair with candy.
No, I'm not jealous.  I'd get the same level of affection
if I was covered in chocolate and peanut butter and
located in a wrapper.