Thursday, April 3, 2014

This wood is dead

There is a tree next to our master bedroom balcony that has finally given up it's fight for life.

There are no green leaves on it anymore.  Today I noticed that the bark is separating from the tree and I could see a gap.  I hope that Ridgepointe management decides to cut it down before it gets too brittle or weak to stay up and just decides to fall down.  It's a pretty tall tree and would likely cause some ugly damage to a nearby building (hopefully not the one I'm in).

If for some crazy reason it falls down before it's cut down, I hope it happens while I'm home so I can at least get photos.  There's the selfish guy in me talking.

The dead tree next to the master bedroom balcony of my apartment
You can see where the bark is separating from the tree.
Termites call this "a buffet".

Dead tree looking down from the balcony

Brown leaves on the dead tree

I call this Ken Carr Photo Art "Dead Wood At Sunset"