Thursday, April 24, 2014

Silver thing update

I posted a couple of photos last Friday of a yellow forklift removing a mast from a TV live truck that is essentially being decommissioned.  To see that post and the photos, click here.

I noticed that the mast, which I had nicknamed "the silver thing" in the previous blog post, had been neatly wrapped and stored for whatever it's next use is going to be and was just waiting for the Kenparazzi to take it's picture.

As is usually the case, I found the amusing thing in what was not designed to be an amusing thing.  I decided in my own twisted mind that it now looks like either:  1.)  A giant condom wrapped pleasure device 2.)  A missile waiting to be launched  3.)  Neither of those, and I have a little too much imagination.

You be the judge.

A TV live truck mast neatly wrapped and stored,
waiting for it's next mission.