Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tucson Police busting perps near the Ken Carr World Headquarters

I was sent a Tweet on @whatsuptucson that alerted me to officers in the area of the Ken Carr World Headquarters tonight.

I heard the police helicopter a bit before circling east of my apartment so I knew officers were looking for someone in the area.  I didn't know they had tracked whomever they were after right in front of my complex.

I grabbed my Canon SX50 that has a ridiculous zoom lens and headed out the door to try and get a Kenparazzi photo.  I love this particular camera because I can get shots from a pretty good distance away.  It doesn't do that well in low light situations but I thought it might do the job.

Here are the photos of what looks like four police cruisers making the arrest.  I think they detained a couple of people but they were inside the police cars already so I am not really sure.

Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

Tucson Police officers making an arrest (or two) near Pima Street and Alamo
near the Ken Carr World Headquarters.

Tucson Police officers at work near Pima and Alamo