Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter dinner at Sonic and Kracker Nuts

Today is Easter.  But, that didn't stop Anthony and I from our usual Sunday dinner and grocery shopping mission.  The one thing that was a surprise (to me) bonus was that hardly anyone was out.  It never occurs to me that Easter is a major family kind of deal for a lot of people.  Easter egg hunting and hanging out with the Easter bunny must keep people at home.

Dinner tonight was at Sonic Drive-In at Broadway and Harrison on Tucson's far east side.  I've eaten at Sonic numerous times in my life but never with Anthony.  He did something I've rarely seen him do:  Ordered a hot dog.  He had them put it on a pretzel bun and make it Chicago style.  Personally, I'm a bun, weiner, and ketchup hot dog eater who once in a great while will add a little bit of honey mustard.  His had a ton of vegetables.  A young girl on roller skates brought us the food and I tipped her five bucks.  She didn't seem to know what to do with the money, it was kind of cute.

In a not so unusual moment while eating dinner (outside on a patio table, it was like camping... sort of) we ate in a virtually deserted restaurant as you'll see in a photo below.

We did our grocery shopping at Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco and it was also very slow.  An empty store doesn't make for good people watching but it makes Anthony happy when we have the aisles to ourselves.  He doesn't care for crowds very much.

I hope you had a Happy Easter and the bunny person brought you some chocolate (one less creepy looking than the one you see here).

Ken Carr photoshopped into an Easter bunny costume.
Show intern Alex sent this to me today.
Silly part is, I'd probably volunteer to wear a costume like this if I had the chance.

Dinner at Sonic - Broadway and Harrison in Tucson

Another dinner at an empty restaurant...
it amazes me every time and yet, it happens often when I eat out.

We ate at these tables outside at Sonic.
Finally, a car rolled through the drive thru (on the left).

"Hi, I'm Anthony, and I get tired of the Kenparazzi"

I ordered a chicken toaster sandwich, tater tots, and a soda

Anthony's Chicago style hot dog on a pretzel bun

Shopping in a nearly deserted Walmart Neighborhood Market on Easter Sunday
at Broadway and Camino Seco.

Unsold Easter basket at Walmart Market.
Some lucky kid is going to get candy and a squirt gun on sale tomorrow.

Marley's Mellow Mood decaffeinated relaxation drink
I wonder if anyone has tried to smoke this.

Lunchables ka-bob-bles
Stick your food on a pretzel stick, like chicken nuggets and cheese.
I've done this sort of thing... when I was too poor to afford silverware.

Cacique Prune with Cereal Yogurt Smoothie
What it really should say on the bottle:  Laxitive

An abandoned orange peel on a shelf in the bread aisle.
This is one way to make your oranges cheaper, remove the peel before
you get to the checkout counter and they'll weigh less.

Kracker Nuts - "Bursting with Flavor"
I'll bet they are.