Thursday, April 10, 2014

20 hours later: @whatsuptucson scanner goal reached

Today was an amazing day.

After an idea was hatched yesterday to do a Go Fund Me drive to buy a new emergency services scanner to continue feeding @whatsuptucson, I was blown away.  I had hoped to collect a few donations to purchase a digital trunking scanner since the analog one I have now is useless.

The goal was set at $500 bucks.  Thanks to some wonderful people, I reached it in only 20 hours.  Less than a day!  WOW!

The money transfer is in progress to my account and the scanner can be ordered by this weekend.

This experience has really made me realize how this Twitter account is appreciated.  I mean, I've always tried to make it useful for people to follow.  But having followers make an investment in it makes the time and effort I put into the content even more worthwhile.

From the bottom of my potato salad soaked heart, thank you.

20 hours later: $500 raised for a new digital trunking scanner
Thank you.