Thursday, April 24, 2014

Folklorico dancers on the TV show

We had Folklorico dancers perform on the TV show today.

I've mentioned before that I find it a fun challenge to figure out how to freeze motion using shutter speed adjustments on my DSLR camera.  I find proper shutter speed a constant struggle with the studio lighting because the faster I crank up the setting, the larger challenge my Nikon D5100 seems to have with making the photos too dark.  It's not uncommon with cameras to have this happen, but my fanciest camera struggles more with it than it should.  I increased the exposure setting which seemed to help somewhat, but the photos still feel a bit dark to me.

These pictures came out alright.  Not spectacular, but alright.  I suppose this is why I'm still an amateur photographer.  I thought the dresses were pretty, though.

Folklorico dancers shot at a 1/250 shutter speed

Another freeze motion photo