Thursday, December 31, 2015

Welcome to radio jail

When I worked in radio in the building that I work in now, I occupied a cubicle in the radio programming area.

After six years of that configuration, a decision was made to add some enclosed offices to the opposite wall where my cubicle was located. The manager types are going to feel even more important than they already do.

I shot a few photos of the workers assembling the offices. They are pre-fabricated and didn't require any knocking down walls, drywall work, hammering, sawing, etc. It took them about three days to put them together.

I find it amusing that they look like jail cells. They even have sliding doors like a jail but lack a toilet and sink in each office (cell).

If you build it, they will come. Whether they'll be let out on bail is a different matter.

Assembling pre-fabricated offices
in the Scripps radio area

This was a multi-dude operation

The prisoners will go in there

The guy on the ladder was complaining
that it was hot in there

Starting to come together.
Chita (who is in the blue and yellow hoodie
on the left) is standing where my old
cubicle used to be

Jail cells (offices) assembled
with additional desk space on the
left (Photo bomb courtesy of Kristen)

No toilet or sink inside the cell (office)
but there is a few file cabinets
and a wet/dry vac

Who's ready to get arrested?