Friday, December 18, 2015

Snow globe that doesn't look like a snow globe

Some things require a little imagination. Some require a lot of imagination.

I walked out of the station's back door and there was a weird looking thing covered in what appeared to be a shower curtain. I asked a few questions today and it turned out that the promotions department was building a "snow globe". They're going to have a 106.3 The Groove dj mix music inside of it during the Downtown Holiday Parade Of Lights Saturday night on the back of a trailer.

When I shot this photo, it was apparently still under construction. I'm not sure what the printed shower curtain looking thing had to do with it's creation (snow globes usually require a clear shell to see inside), but I didn't get the whole back story so I'm just left to wonder.

If the snow globe thing doesn't work out, maybe they can put someone in there taking a shower.

Under construction snow globe in the back parking
lot of the radio / tv complex

This is the pattern on the covering that included
a lamp, couch, toaster, bed, door, car, wood, etc.