Sunday, December 27, 2015

After Christmas sale shopping 2015

There have been very few times I've made it a point to go out the day after Christmas and hit after Christmas sales. I did this year and got some screaming deals.

Anthony, his aunt JoAnn, and I made our way to Kohl's at Broadway and Pantano. That store was a zoo and had racks and racks of items at clearance prices and plenty of customers shopping. Apparently I wasn't the only one who had the great idea of saving some money. Next, we headed to Park Place Mall to have dinner at Yard House, and we were going to do more shopping after dinner but my shopping companions were kind of pooped.

A note about Yard House: I tried the New York Steak Sandwich and the steak was too tough to be in a sandwich. I ended up eating a majority of it with a knife and fork. I should know better than to venture beyond a hamburger.

Anthony piles clothes on his arm while he
digs through the clearance racks at Kohl's

This twelve inch high Star Wars Storm Trooper eyes
Anthony and his armload of sweaters as a threat to
the dark side of the force

"Facial In A Box"
Sounds like a date I've had

Waiting in line at Kohl's to pay for my items

JoAnn pays for her stuff

We walked through Sears at Park Place and this
nice guy named Rob showed us a how this purple
Shark vacuum works

Anthony has been trying to talk me into purchasing
a new vacuum for months even though our current
one still sucks.

Walking through Park Place

Making my way through the mall I spotted a guy who
had fallen asleep on a bench with his skateboard between
his legs. He was probably exhausted from
hitting after Christmas sales.

Dinner at the Yard House at Park Place

My fat head, Anthony, JoAnn at Yard House

The Yard House menu is rather large

Interior of the Yard House

View looking out the window next to our booth

Chicken nachos appetizers
(I was a little late shooting the photo so half
of it had already been eaten)
My New York Strip steak and
onion rings.
As usual, I gave the pickles to Anthony.

JoAnn ordered a salad

Anthony got chicken strips
(my pickles now on his plate)

After dinner, we walked back through Park Place
and I spotted these giant balls.
I thought they were pretty... and giant.